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    Tonight there must be people who are getting what they want.
    I let my oars fall into the water.
    Good for them. Good for them, getting what they want.

    The night is so still that I forget to breathe.
    The dark air is getting colder. Birds are leaving.

    Tonight there are people getting just what they need.

    The air is so still that it seems to stop my heart.
    I remember you in a black and white photograph
    taken this time of some year. You were leaning against a half-shed tree,
    standing in the leaves the tree had lost.

    When I finally exhale it takes forever to be over.

    Tonight, there are people who are so happy,
    that they have forgotten to worry about tomorrow.

    Somewhere, people have entirely forgotten about tomorrow.
    My hand trails in the water.
    I should not have dropped those oars. Such a soft wind.

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    It just keeps…… getting. …. better

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    now abandoned

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    The absence of women in history is man made.

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    Rhythmic Gymnast Shin Soo-ji’s First Pitch. Impressive.

    3rd guyy is all set to smash.

    plottin on the low, schemin on the low

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    I thank God everyday, that I don’t have to line outside my lips

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  9. Gwendoline ships it. ( x )

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    i love this picture of me i look like the lumberjack queen overseeing my loyal lumberjack subjects

    can i be one too?

    yes! rule with me